How to get good deals in used cars

It is not a rocket science to buy good value cars. The cars are available plenty in any corner in India. It is only taking some time to do your work before refining the list. A good car can be easily found if you use right tools and some money. Of course If you want to do the things free of charge most of the time you will end up with lemons. 

No Free Lunch

Remember there is no free lunch. Cheap products feel cheap. So leave your car purchase to professionals whenever possible. You choose any free website and call the first 100 numbers and go and visit the sellers. I can guarantee you taht 90% of the sellers those who say Individual seller are mostly car dealers in disguise of individuals. So beware, leave this verification to professionals and the people those who have the list of dealers to scrub against this list.

Expert Opinions

There comes the cars you buy going to end up in garage for replacing the engine block. It will be embarrassing to experience this. My strong advise is to get help from some mechanic you know personally. Also make sure he is knowledgeable in analysing the engine , Transmission, chassis and suspensions especially.

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